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Hear Philip Pullman Narrate the Audiobook Edition of Daemon Voices

Philip Pullman addresses how novels make it to stage and film in this excerpt from the audiobook edition...


20 Works of Non-Fiction by Fiction Writers You Love: Part One

Some of your favorite writers of science fiction, fantasy, and even horror have tried their hands at...


Cage Match 2018 Round 1: Stormfather vs Iorek Byrnison

Brandon Sanderson's Stormfather takes on Philip Pullman's Iorek Byrnison in Round 1 of Unbound Worlds'...


Top 5 Books Terry Brooks Has Recommended Me

Terry Brooks reads almost as much as he writes. Here are five books he forced writer Shawn Speakman to...


10 Dangerous Quotes From Philip Pullman

The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage is on sale now - to celebrate, here are 10 dangerous quotes from Philip...


Watch Philip Pullman & The Book of Dust Launch Event Today

Tomorrow, The Book of Dust by Philip Pullman publishes. Today, watch him talk about the book at 2:30...