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The Filaments of Fiction: Scott Hawkins on The Stand

Scott Hawkins dives into Stephen King's The Stand for our Filaments of Fiction series.


An Ingenious, Frightening Debut: The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins

Our review of Scott Hawkins' thrilling, unexpected debut.


The (Homicidal) Librarians of Mount Char: A Primer

A primer to the homicidal nutjobs—er, librarians—who tend the Library of Scott Hawkins' debut novel,...

Unbound Worlds

Signed Galley Giveaway: Scott Hawkins’ The Library At Mount Char

You could win one of fifteen signed advance copies of Scott Hawkins' riveting debut!

Unbound Worlds

Exploring Scott Hawkins’s Hot New Fantasy ‘Library at Mount Char

Divine patriarchs, as a rule, aren't very kind to their offspring. The Titan Cronus made it a habit...


Cage Match 2015 Round 4: Felurian vs Susan Sto-Helit

Discworld's Susan faces down Felurian for the fate of one young man.