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Author Robert Jackson Bennett on His New Book Foundryside

Robert Jackson Bennett is the author of the recently completed Divine Cities series. His new book is...


Sarah Kuhn on Expanding the Heroine Complex Universe

Sometimes the end really isn't the end: Heroine Complex author Sarah Kuhn tells us about about her trilogy's...


The Great Library Author Rachel Caine on the Real Library of Alexandria

The Great Library author Rachel Caine tells us about the real Library of Alexandria and more in this...


Katherine Arden on Fairy Tales and Being True to Her Characters

Katherine Arden tells us how she finds a creative balance between being faithful to fairy tales and remaining...


Generations Author Scott Sigler: 'We're a Word Shop. That's What We Do'

How does Scott Sigler stay so productive? Learn more about the author, his business partner A Kovacs,...


Spinning Silver Author Naomi Novik: No Tale is Sacrosanct

Naomi Novik talks standalone books, fairy tale retellings, and transforming problematic stories.