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Giveaway: First Edition Hardcover of Tad Williams' Otherland!

Enter for a chance to win a first edition copy of Tad Williams' cyberpunk/fantasy novel Otherland, courtesy...


Tad Williams Updates His Readers About Empire of Grass

Tad Williams updates his readers on what to expect from Empire of Grass, the sequel to The Witchwood...


My 5 Favorite Named Swords From Fantasy Novels

To celebrate the anthology publication of The Book of Swords, edited by Gardner Dozois, here are five...


The 5 Authors I Always Buy In Hardcover And Their New Arrivals

There are certain authors you just need to have in hardcover - here are a few of ours.


So You Want to Read The ’80s: Here’s Where to Start

This list in no way represents every great novel from the '80s. Rather, it is a wonderful and magical...


The New Importance of Osten Ard and Tad Williams

Tad Williams has returned to epic fantasy at a time when readers need him the most. Here's why.